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We truly believe chemistry is borderless and it can be achieved together with Safechem Solution.

Welcome to Safechem Solution Sdn Bhd, your one-stop IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) 1000L solution centre. 

Safechem Solution Sdn Bhd was established in 2006. With close to 2 decades of experiences, we pride ourselves in providing cost-saving solutions to our customers.


IBC New BMX 1000L or Recondition 1000L

Choose IBC New BMX 1000L or Recondition 1000L for a budget-friendly packaging.

IBC Lines Bag LBMX 1000L

Best money-saver compared to Rebottle. Easy to set up and less waste in residual.

IBC Valve / Cap / Seals / Adaptor or Coupling

Explore IBC Valve, Cap, Seals, Adaptor, and Coupling for your IBC accessories need.

IBC Rental / Repair / Rebottle or Recondition Service

Access IBC Rental, Repair, Rebottle, and Recondition services for comprehensive solutions.


IBC BMX 1000L is just a packaging, sustainability in long term by reuse is vital. The key success story in reducing carbon footprint is by reuse or recycling your IBC. 

More options in New IBC BMX 1000L. Extra 2000L volume on each shipment by loading 20 units per shipping container. SPACE saver is cost saving in every shipment. 

Safechem Solution Sdn Bhd provides cost effective and sustainable packaging solution for chemical and chemical-related industries, through a wide range of top notch products and services to meet the growing demand of liquid packaging market.

How to prolong your IBC Packaging lifespan and Reduce Carbon Footprint


The fundamental of our business success is to enable our business partner to increase productivity and reduce costs. On the basis of our know-how and in-depth experience in this industry, we strive to maintain high satisfaction across all our customers.

Budget that fits the packaging purpose

2000L Higher Capacity Per Shipping Container

UN Approved Packaging

Food Safe

Ex-Zones Safe

Money-saver with FSSC Food Safe